What is a car emergency battery

Automobile emergency start power supply is a multifunctional portable mobile power supply. Its characteristic function is used for car power loss or other reasons can not ignite, can start the car at the same time the air pump and emergency power supply, outdoor lighting and other functions combined, is one of the essential outdoor travel products.

The design concept of automobile emergency start power supply is easy to operate, convenient to carry, and can cope with various emergency situations. At present, there are mainly two kinds of automobile emergency start power supply, one is lead-acid battery, the other is lithium polymer. Automobile emergency start power supply can be used to ignite all cars with 12V battery output, but different displacement of cars will be different in the range of applicable products, to provide field emergency rescue and other services.

1. The automobile emergency start power supply of lead-acid battery is more traditional, and the maintenance-free lead-acid battery is used. The quality and volume are larger, and the corresponding battery capacity and starting current will be larger. This kind of products will generally be equipped with an air pump, but also over current, overload, overcharge and reverse connection indicator protection and other functions, can charge all kinds of electronic products, some products also have inverter and other functions.

2.The automobile emergency starting power supply of lithium polymer is relatively new, and it is a new product with light weight and small volume, which can be mastered by hand. This kind of product is generally not equipped with an air pump, with over charging off function, and lighting function is more powerful, can be used for all kinds of electronic products power supply. The lights of this kind of products generally have the function of flash or SOS remote LED rescue signal light, which is more practical.

Post time: Dec-17-2022