The benefits of owning a pressure washer

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A pressure cleaner can clean paving much quicker and deeper than a hose pipe, and uses much less water.

However not all pressure washers are created equal, and depending on certain factors, will determine the size of the pressure washer you will require. If you do not get the correct pressure washer for the application it is intended, the machine will not last very long.

Look after your machine, check for leaks, replace wear and tear parts.

It is best to invest in a good quality machine, which is able to perform for the function that it is needed – trying to save a buck by buying a smaller high pressure cleaner will only cost you more in repairs.

The benefits of owning a pressure washer

Cleans tough stains: Pressure washers come with different pressure settings to handle light/medium/heavy duty tasks.High pressure washers come with accessories like rotating nozzles, sandblasting nozzles, chemical injectors, etc, that make removing tough stains, paint, cement, etc, an easy job.

Time saving: On average, it takes 10 minutes to clean your car on low pressure.

Cost effective: You use less water with a pressure washer, and if looked after properly will last 5 to 10 years.

Types of pressure washers

Diesel Engine

Diesel engine pressure washers are suitable for medium and heavy duty work. The pressure washer uses diesel to fuel the high pressure pump. Because it generates fumes, it is not suitable for indoor use. Diesel engine pressure washers are available as both hot water machines, and cold water machines.

Petrol Engine

Petrol engine high pressure washers are similar in design to diesel engine pressure washers. These high pressure washers use the petrol as the main source of fuel to power the high pressure pump. They are suitable for medium and heavy duty cleaning tasks. They also generate fumes and are also only for outdoor use. Used mainly on building sites and on mines, or by plumbers who need the high pressure from the water to flush and clean out drains.

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Electric Motor

Electric pressure washers need to be connected to either 380v or 525v power, depending on what is available or for which voltage the high pressure washer has been manufactured for.

All the above pressure washers can be mobile, wall mounted, trailer mounted, bakkie mounted, frame mounted, etc, depending on what the requirements are for your business.

Key features of a high pressure washer:


The nozzle size largely affects the amount of water coming out of the spray gun. Sometimes you may want a narrow spray for a light cleaning job or a powerful spray to remove the toughest grease stains. Keep in mind that there are critical parts of your car that a powerful spray could damage. You should, therefore, go for a pressure washer with an adaptable nozzle so that you can adjust the width of the spray to suit the cleaning task.


The appropriate length of the hose in a high pressure washer is about 10 metres. Anything less will have you constantly knocking down the pressure washer. On the other hand, if the hose is too long, it will be an inconvenience when you want to move around the pressure washer. If your pressure washer is in a fixed position, or mounted on a trailer, it is ideal to invest in a hose reel, manual or retractable, to keep your hose neat, and safe.


You cannot always rely on just water to get rid of all the stains. Soap makes your work easy and if you get your cleaning chemical and water from the same source, it makes the job more streamless. A good chemical to use to wash cars is car shampoo and wax, which will create foam to break down the stubborn mud accumulated on the car, or undercarriage of trucks. Aluminium cleaner is also good to clean the aluminium parts on a truck with a brush, but should however not be used with a pressure washer.

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