How to Choose a Car Vacuum Cleaner?

1. Choose according to power

We know that the power of the vacuum cleaner has a direct impact on the suction power, so many friends think that the higher the power, the better the car vacuum cleaner. In fact, it depends on your own car situation: If you usually drive in the city or on the highway, there will not be too much dust, and a car vacuum cleaner with a power of about 60W can fully meet the requirements for use. The higher the power, the more power it consumes. But if you often need to run some rural suburban roads where the road conditions are not very good and there is a lot of dust, you can choose a vacuum cleaner with a higher power.

2. Choose according to the power cord

Many car owners only look at the main unit of the vacuum cleaner when purchasing a car vacuum cleaner. It is easy to ignore the length of the power cord and find that the power cord is short when it is used. It is necessary to know that the length of the power cord will directly affect the use of space. At present, the power cord length of the better-quality car vacuum cleaners on the market can generally reach about 3 meters, which can basically meet the needs of family models. If it is a commercial vehicle If so, you can also consider buying a 4.5-meter-long car vacuum cleaner.

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3. Choose according to the size of your own model

The size of the car vacuum cleaner should match your car. The existing car vacuum cleaners are divided into large and small. General family cars and 7-seat commercial vehicles can choose portable car vacuum cleaners, and if it is a large car such as: passenger car, truck, etc., it is best to choose a large car vacuum cleaner, the price of a large car vacuum cleaner is more expensive, And it takes up a lot of space. It is recommended that a portable car vacuum cleaner is enough for general family car maintenance.

4. According to the selection of accessories

Many standard accessories of car vacuum cleaners are not enough, like some dead corners in the car, if the accessories are not complete, it is difficult to clean. Some big brands of car vacuum cleaners are also equipped with suction nozzles of various shapes, which are convenient for car owners to use. You can consult the seller’s accessories when purchasing, and choose a few more accessories, so that the car can be completely cleaned.

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Post time: Mar-28-2023