Emergency starting power supply selection points

At first, the power supply of the car was built into the lead-acid battery, which would make it bulky and not easy to carry. From the middle to now, it mainly uses the car starting power supply with built-in lithium battery, which is small, portable, beautiful, long standby time and long service life. It rapidly expands the market and is also the mainstream of the current market. Power supplies that use ultracapacitors have been developed, which have low internal resistance, large capacity, long life, higher safety, and a wider operating temperature range than lithium batteries, but are more expensive.

Let’s take a look at the general parameters of emergency power supply products

1. Battery capacity: It is recommended to choose according to demand. If it is not a large car, about 10000mAh is enough for use. Some owners need to take the aircraft as a mobile power supply, capacity is too large is not appropriate.

2. Peak current, starting current: the focus of emergency power supply is to activate the battery by releasing large amount of electricity at the moment. Generally, the more the number of batteries, the more current will be released. The car is generally equipped with a 60AH battery, the starting current is generally between more than 100 and 300 AMPs. However, the larger the engine displacement, the need for starting current will also be greater. Some products also have “0 voltage” start function. The displacement and demand of their own models, choose the right one.

3. Output voltage and interface: 5V, 9V output voltage is common, some products also include DC 12V voltage. The ports mainly include USB, Type C, and DC ports. There are also products that support fast charge protocols. The more types of interfaces, the more batteries can be used to charge mobile phones, laptops, or other electronic products, or even switch to other 220V electrical appliances through inverters.

4 Cycle life: general products are nominal thousands of times, conventional household must not reach this limit, do not care too much.

5. Lighting function: It is best to have the lighting function, night or dim scene use also need not worry, preferably with SOS rescue light.

6. Power clip: mainly depends on the quality of wire and battery clip, wire is best soft silicone insulation (AWG), thick copper clip, line thick enough to withstand large current, high temperature, must have a certain protection function. For example, many brands nominal eight prevention: over discharge, reverse charge, over current, short circuit, reverse connection, over temperature, over voltage, over charge, etc. If accidentally connected, it will prompt sound or prompt light alarm to avoid damage to the vehicle and start the power itself, but also has anti-reverse interface design, to provide convenience for novices.

7 working temperature: northern friends key reference discharge temperature, such as -20℃ can basically meet most of the use of North China. Only reasonable use within the operating temperature range can better extend the service life of the tool.

8. Power display: Because this kind of tools use frequency is low, long-term idle will have certain power loss. It will be clearer if you can accurately see the remaining battery power or the working interface. But the LCD digital display is not necessarily more reliable than the power range, it is doubtful whether it can work normally under low temperature environment.

9. Price: the choice of brand quality is guaranteed, saw the sale of a few fire pages have the relevant quality certification and testing report. But each company’s mold, chip scheme, battery structure, function are different, including brand premium, according to their own needs to choose.

10. Other: such as waterproof seal cover, compass and so on to see whether you need, some models of battery is a little long, need to consider the battery line a little longer.

Post time: Mar-28-2023