How to choose a car air pump?

1. Look at the type. According to the pressure display method, the car air pump can be divided into: digital display meter and mechanical pointer meter, both of which can be used. But the digital display meter is strongly recommended here, PS: the digital display can automatically stop when it is charged to the set pressure.

2. Look at the function. In addition to inflating tires, it should also be able to inflate ball games, bicycles, battery cars, etc. After all, when the tires are out of condition, the air pump can’t just be idle.

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3. Look at the inflation time. Driving halfway, I felt that the tires were not right, so I had to fill up the air. The cars around me roared by. Do you think it’s better to fill up fast or slowly? Just look at the parameters of the air pump: the air pressure flow rate is greater than 35L/min, and the basic time is slow Not going anywhere. Rough explanation of the principle: the volume of a general car tire is about 35L, and the pressure of 2.5Bar requires 2.5x35L of air, that is, it takes about 2.5 minutes to inflate from 0 to 2.5bar. So, you make up from 2.2Bar to 2.5Bar is about 30S, which is acceptable.

4. Look at the accuracy. The design of the on-board air pump is divided into two steps, static pressure and dynamic pressure. What we refer to here is the dynamic pressure (that is, the actual displayed value), which can reach a deviation of 0.05kg, which is of good quality (compared with the tire pressure gauge). According to the readings of the tire pressure gauge in the car, the tire pressure on both sides can be adjusted to balance and evenly. Steering and braking are safer.

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Post time: Mar-28-2023