What are the commonly used car washing tools?

Commonly used tools include high-pressure water guns, car wash wax, sponges, towels, hard brushes, etc.


It is difficult to clean the ash on the car directly by spraying it with a water gun. Usually, it is necessary to spray a special cleaning agent such as water wax to clean the car. The more complete these tools are, the better the cleaning effect will be. When we choose to wash the car by ourselves, there are several common misunderstandings, which can easily cause damage to the vehicle.

First of all, the engine compartment should be cleaned carefully. There are many circuit boards and other components in the engine compartment, which may be damaged if you are not careful. Therefore, when cleaning by yourself, you should pay attention not to use a water gun that is too high-pressure.

The second is to not just wash with a bucket of water and a towel. If you wash it with a bucket of water and a towel, the wiped dust will stick to the towel and mix in the water, and there will be a lot of fine sand such as silica in it, and then continue to use it to wipe the car body, which is equivalent to wiping the car paint with sandpaper.

Finally, choose the cleaning agent carefully. Most car wash shops now wash off the dust first, and then spray the cleaning agent on the car body. Many car owners also follow this procedure to wash their cars, but some cleaning agents are alkaline or neutral. Using it will destroy the gloss of its paint and affect the appearance of the vehicle.


Post time: Jan-16-2023