Vehicle Jump Starter Market Overview

In the automobiles, giving a boost to a discharged or dead battery of a vehicle via a temporary connection, such as a battery or another external power source, is commonly known as vehicle jump starter.
Lithium ion and lithium acid battery types are the two main types of batteries used in a vehicle jump starter. Vehicle jump starter is handy in case of bad weather, or if the driver/passenger is in a stranded area and need to recharge the battery, in that case, one can restart the engine by giving a boost to the battery by vehicle jump starter. Vehicle jump starters are usually of two types – Jump Boxes and Plug-in Units.  Jump box type has maintenance free lithium batteries with a jumper cable, and plug-in unit type is capable of delivering higher amperage.
Vehicle Jump Starter: Market Drivers and Challenges
Lithium acid battery type vehicle jump starters are the traditional ones that offer additional benefits, such as protection against current overload, reverse connection and overcharging. However, Lithium acid battery type vehicle jump starters are heavier and bulky, thus its buyers are limiting to repair and maintenance shops, which in turn, is augmenting the growth of the other type of vehicle jump starter i.e. lithium ion battery type. 
Lithium-ion battery type vehicle jump starters are lighter in weight and smaller in size, and they are easy to carry. Therefore, over the forecast period, lithium ion battery type vehicle jump starters are expected to have high growth rate as compared to lithium acid battery type vehicle jump starters. However, it is suggested that jump-starting a vehicle should be done by an experienced person or professional, as it can cause serious accidents, which in turn, is expected to slow down the unit sale of vehicle jump starters for personal use, thus restraining the growth of the market to some extent.
Vehicle Jump Starter: Regional Market Outlook
The growth of vehicle jump starter and automotive industry are coextensive, sales of vehicle jump starter will grow as the unit sale of automobiles will increase. Under the regional segment, China’s automotive industry has been experiencing unprecedented transformation in recent years, and it is stipulated to remain the same in coming years.
Further, North America is anticipated to holds a sizable share of the vehicle jump starter market owing to the growing trend of DIY (do-it-yourself). In Western Europe, Germany is estimated to lead the vehicle jump starter market whereas, in Eastern Europe, Russia is expected to accounts for a significant portion of the vehicle jump starter market, owing to increasing unit sale of automobiles Thus, the vehicle jump starter market is expected to witness a healthy demand over the projected period in Europe.



Post time: Dec-27-2022