Is it necessary to use a car vacuum cleaner?

The principle of car vacuum cleaner:

The principle of the car vacuum cleaner is the same as that of the general household vacuum cleaner. It is based on the high-speed operation of the motor inside the vacuum cleaner (the speed ratio can reach 20000-30000rpm), sucking in the gas from the water suction port, and making a certain vacuum pump in the dust box, and then Complete the role of absorbing debris, waste and dust.


Is the car vacuum cleaner easy to use?

Compared with ordinary household vacuum cleaners, car vacuum cleaners are light in weight, small in size, and easy to carry. In addition to being powered by the car cigarette lighter socket, some can also be powered by rechargeable batteries, which greatly enhances the coordination of use. It can play a great role in daily cleaning of the car, and its applicability is very high.

 very high

Car vacuum cleaner must be enough to buy?

Although the car vacuum cleaner has high applicability, is it really necessary to buy it? Under normal circumstances, everyone will go to the car wash to wash the vehicle on time, and the car wash will not only clean the outer surface of the car body, but also clean the interior of the car. As long as you take care of the hygiene in the car after the car wash, the car vacuum cleaner is not so important. If you don’t care about the hygiene in the car, it is necessary to buy a car vacuum cleaner.

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Post time: Dec-17-2022