How to choose a car vacuum cleaner?

There are so many small gaps in the corners of the car, so it is more troublesome to clean the car. Choosing a good car vacuum cleaner can help us clean the car more thoroughly. So how to choose a car vacuum cleaner?
w31. Choose a vacuum cleaner with the right power.
The power consumption of vacuum cleaners is different, and the power consumption is also different. It depends on the size of the vehicle, the road conditions of the frequent aisles, etc. to decide whether to use high power. vacuum cleaner. Generally, you can choose a portable vacuum cleaner for a small car, and a large vacuum cleaner for a large car (SUV).
2. Listen to the noise of the vacuum cleaner.
The noise of the vacuum cleaner shows the quality of the vacuum cleaner, so you should listen carefully to the noise when purchasing, and try to choose the one with relatively low noise, so that it will be more comfortable and safe to use.
3. Pay attention to the suction of the vacuum cleaner.
When purchasing a vacuum cleaner, the suction is very important. The size of the suction is related to the power, but the suction of the vacuum cleaner with the same power is different. You must actually operate it when you buy it, so that you can distinguish the difference in suction.
4. Choose a vacuum cleaner with a suitable cord length.
Car vacuum cleaners generally have a standard cable length of 2 meters, which should be purchased according to the length of your vehicle. Many car owners ignore the cable length when purchasing. Generally, the recommended cable length is about 4.5 meters, which is enough to handle almost all vehicles.
5. Ask about the number of pieces of good accessories.
If you want to use the car vacuum cleaner better, the accessories are also very important. Some good vacuum cleaners will come with plugs of various lengths and sizes, which can absorb the dirt in every corner of the car.
6. Go to regular shopping malls to buy.
Car vacuum cleaners should be purchased in regular home shopping malls, and the brand must be identified, so that quality and service can be guaranteed. Otherwise, the use time of miscellaneous brand products is very short, and problems often occur.

Post time: Feb-13-2023