Is it necessary to prepare a jump starter for your car?

Before the car jump starter came out, we were helpless when the car was turned off on the road and could not be started. We could only foolishly wait for rescue or tow truck, which not only wastes time but also wastes money.

The birth of the car jump starter perfectly solves this problem. When using it, you only need to connect the jump starter to the positive and negative poles of the car battery, and you can immediately start the car in an emergency. It is very convenient, time-saving and labor-saving, and its appearance is compact, simple and stylish design, easy to carry and very eye-catching.

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Since the car emergency starter is a kind of mobile power supply, as the name implies, all the basic functions of ordinary mobile power supplies can be achieved by the Juneng car jump starter. It can charge mobile phones, MP3, MP4, notebooks, etc., especially when traveling by car, it is particularly important. It can not only provide power for a variety of electronic products, but also charge them in time on the car. There will be no embarrassing situation of power failure.

Although this product is very small, it contains huge energy and can start the car more than 10 times. And it also has a powerful LED lighting system, which can help you tide over difficulties in time when you need lighting in outdoor outings or other places. And at a low temperature of minus 20 degrees, it can be started normally. Every detail of the product has not been overlooked. The method of use is also very simple. 

In addition to starting the car and charging electronic products, this product is also a magic weapon for SOS outdoor rescue. Especially for those who like mountaineering and outdoor adventures, it is necessary to be equipped with such an emergency power supply. Because it is equipped with SOS distress signal lights, when you get lost or encounter natural disasters and other problems, as long as you turn on the signal lights, the rescue force can locate you through the signal lights, providing a safety guarantee for life.

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Post time: Jan-03-2023